Day 4: Fruit chat

Fruit chat

Last week, I was working as a photographer for an international workshop on complex networks held by my research professor as general chair.

I was already little bored of taking photographs of people giving seminar. One the very first day, as the speaker announced break for evening breakfast, I came outside first and saw the wonderful arrangement of cookies, coffee-tea, pancakes and these fruit basket etc..

Fruits were arrange beautifully in a half round shape. I went inside to bring camera out. I quickly took this photo without changing my setting for inside area of seminar hall. I wanted to take the whole basket with its arrangement but people started coming out of the hall and I lost the chance.

This was the only colorful photo in the whole album of 400+ photos of people during all 3 days. 🙂


  • f5
  • 1/50
  • ISO-1600
  • Focal length 116mm
  • Tripod

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