Day 5: It’s open

It's open

One of my favourite photos.

I took this when I was not having my own camera and learning SLR via a friend’s Canon 1000D.

I went to see an art exhibition @Cocoa,Florida with a very good friend cum photographer.

While we were going back to our car, I saw this amazing building with full green color having double window with window roof totally in shining yellow color. I took just one whole picture of building and that time I didn’t realize about different compositions I could have taken using that building.

After coming home, the picture was not looking perfectly symmetric and was not good looking. I thought of cropping some part to make better symmetry and I finally composed this photo after cropping the big one. This is a tiny part of the picture and I regret that I didn’t that this as a single photo because this photo has been selected in two exhibitions and won a competition but unfortunately the size dimension is very small and I couldn’t enlarge it properly for exhibitions.

When I will go there next time, I’m gonna have a very good brother photo of this one 🙂


  • f4.0
  • 1/640
  • ISO 200

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