Day 9: Just started

It’s my wish/target to get awesome pictures of birds in motion.

I  still haven’t got my best.

Took this two days ago. Not much to say about this. Didn’t plan to take birds on that day but I saw this birds enjoying alone around the dockside of my city. The birds was very quite so I thought I will definitely get nice shot but it was being conscious as soon as I near.

I quickly changed my setting and went ahead with intentions that the bird will fly away. That happened and I took 3-4 shots in burst mode and this one came out nice and interesting.

Cropped it for getting better composition and raised the color intensity to have bluish feeling.


  • f5.6
  • 1/2000
  • ISO 400
  • Focal Length 250

3 thoughts on “Day 9: Just started

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