Day 10: The Historic Pritchard House

The Pritchard House

One of my classmate got job in ‘Titusville,Florida’ starting this month, so she called me to take her to Titusville for getting a new apartment lease and stuff.

The night before the day, I searched on Titusville photography to look at something interesting to take photograph of. I wanted to utilize my short trip. I thought of spending an hour for photography that day.

After finishing her work, we went to downtown Titusville in full afternoon. I must say it’s a good place with lots of photography objects. I was having fun. Took some really nice shots there. Will post them on by one.

Today is this one – Pritchard House (A historic house cum museum). Unfortunately that day, the management was closed and I couldn’t go inside, even couldn’t go in the garden area because they had ‘restricted area’ board there. So I took few pictures from outside and tried to do best with using 18-55mm.


  • f/22
  • 1/125
  • ISO 400
  • RAW processed in Lightroom (Basically applied color pop preset to get wonderful colors and cropped some unwanted area) then photoshop to finalize.

2 thoughts on “Day 10: The Historic Pritchard House

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