Day 11: Tree silhouette

Tree Silhouette

Took  this photo the same day on which I took “just started” and “colorful legs“.

Actually my car key was stuck in the ignition and I had to call AAA to send the locksmith (I really like AAA because they give very good service in nominal price). I was waiting on road alone for the locksmith but fortunately I had my camera with me.

I even couldn’t go far to take photos because I had to watch my car. I saw the sun is setting down and I can get something in silhouette. I looked around to find something and found a tree far away from me. I took out my 55-250 and took this shoot.

Cropped it and gave better coloring preset in lightroom. Because I took it from far away, the sharpness was not that good because of bad focusing, so I sharpened the image in photoshop later.


  • f/22
  • 1/125
  • ISO 800
  • Focal length 180mm
  • Handheld

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