Day 12: Leisure time

Leisure time

Took this one on the same day I took “The Pritchard House“. So I’m supposing you know the story of that visit now.

There were offices and houses in downtown titusville with very attractive exterior structure or with the decoration. I saw one building very interesting on first floor, I went nearer but the shot I wanted was not coming with the lens I had so I got sad. While turning back on my way, I saw this bicycle lying on the floor of the building in front of me.  Yeah I got a good object.

I told my friend to take the bottle and cup away from the bicycle so I can get clear object (I sat down completely to get this shot…LoL…people was watching me as downtown entertainer)

Took RAW, add vignette in lightroom and gave some sepia effect. Increased shadow/highlights and sharpness in photoshop to get look like embossed.

The photo also won a weekly award @ [link]


  • f/9
  • 1/200
  • ISO 200
  • Focal Length 18mm
  • Tripod

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