Day 14: Innocencies of childhood

Innocencies of Childhood

The photo which always reminds me of my trekking to Himalayas. It was amazing 11 day period of my life. Team of 61 people went to hike himalayas upto 14000ft.

We stopped at a place nearly at around 12000ft to have some tea and snacks. There were many kids (from nearby villages) playing around and having fun with other hikers. I was not having my own camera that time. I used friends’ cameras in the whole journey.

As soon as the kids saw me taking pictures, they all gathered and started giving natural happy poses. “they were really very innocent”. I took 2-3 photos and this is one of them.

I took it in Black & White setting only. Adjusted contrast and leveling, did selective blurring and sharpening.


  • Taken with digital camera (FinePix S5600), so nothing interesting.

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