Day 15: Inside UHaul Storage

Inside UHaul Storage

I must say “I love architectural/structural photography.” I always try to get patterns, symmetry in my photo.

My uncle owns an UHaul Storage agency. He told me to take some photos of storage area to put up on his website.

He gave me map and marked the places which he wanted in photos. Looked ordinary place from outside and anyone can take photos even with their mobile but once I went in inside area. It was awesome. The continuous different storage shutters and lights immediately gave me a pattern and symmetry idea on my mind.

I became excited to take a good photo. I took two-three because I had to take a normal photo for website too. I took this for me. 🙂

It was not looking very attractive, so I tried to rotate it 180 degrees and woah…It was perfect then. I used a preset in lightroom to give proper colors, increased the sharpness and cropped little bit.


  • f3.5 (Because the lighting inside was not bright enough and I obviously can’t use flash to get this type of image)
  • 1/125
  • ISO-400 (I could have increased ISO and decreased F number but I’m always afraid of getting noise. So….)
  • Focal Length 18mm

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