Day 16: Mysterious window

Mysterious window

As I mentioned before, my main focus in photography is composition and that’s what made me keep this photo in my collection. Some people always criticize photos if they’re not following ‘rule of thirds’. Yeah it’s true many-times but you as a photographer has power to create your own rules too.

I saw this amazing building mostly covered with wall plants from outside @University of Florida, Gainsville,Florida. Loved the way this window was surrounded by trees. This image immediately came into my mind. It was looking like I’m inside a fantasy movie and there is another world on another side of this window.

Unfortunately it was on first floor of the building, so I had to take the picture from ground floor at some angle. I tried to go as far as possible to get better angle.

Clicked the big image. Cropped it to make proper. Increased sharpness and green/white ratio in Photoshop.


  • f/8
  • 1/60 sec.
  • ISO-800
  • Focal length 25mm

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