Day 17: Thinking Music

Thinking Music

A good friend called me and he told me that “Mr. Jigar. Let me know whenever you’re free. I want you to take some good photos of mine”. I was fortunately free that day so I thought about some poses and compositions and told him to come with some clothing & stuff. I took my guitar with us because I wanted to take some shoot with guitar.

We went near melbourne dockside. I really like that place after around late afternoon time. Very nice lighting, water, birds, boats everything.

I love this photo. The hands, guitar strings, wood texture and lighting. After taking the photo I told him that he is gonna love the picture. Yeah..He loved it too after I showed him the final output.

I took it RAW. Converted it to monochrome with little yellowish shade.  Made the photo more soft using lightroom preset and then sharpned the guitar strings little bit to give better look.

Share your thoughts about the photo.


  • f/8
  • 1/30 second
  • ISO 200
  • Used tripod
  • Focal length 123mm

11 thoughts on “Day 17: Thinking Music

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