Day 18: Door with the wings

Door with the wings

I mentioned the story about UHaul storage photo session in the ‘Day 15 photo post [link]‘.

This is another one from that day. I took this on the upper floor where the lighting were brighter than previous photo and there were green color storage shutters on both the sides.

When I saw the raw photo on laptop, it was giving same effect as previous one as so I tried to make it square this time. When I was adjusting my cropping window, at the time I marked the entrance door was looking like having wings on both sides being created by door pattern.

I tried to give better meaning by using vignetting. Did color poping using lightroom preset and increased sharpess in photoshop.

I hope you will like it. Critics/comments are always welcome.


  • f3.5
  • 1/80 second
  • ISO 400

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