Day 19: Expandable


I don’t why but wordpress ruins quality of this photo in the post view. 😦 I’m sad. (Even I marked in some previous posts too)

Anyways, I took like 7 months ago. I was walking around my college campus for some photography. Having less time for that, I couldn’t find anything quickly so I was coming back. On my way back I saw this huge tree and the lighting in the sky was also nice so I took bottom-top view photo of the tree to get it in the whole picture.

Photo came out nice but not superb. So I didn’t post that photo anywhere. But few days ago, I was re-arranging my photo folders and this picture came across, suddenly I thought of making it b/w or sepia and give it a silhoutte look through editing.

So I opened the photo in lightroom, did some editing but somehow the photo was not showing a better composition. Square idea came into mind and it worked. Result is in front of you. Photo which I refused to put in my collection 7 months ago became definitely better to be put in my collection now 🙂

Used lightroom preset for color & cropping, then used photoshop for sharpness & curve toning.


  • f5.6
  • 1/250 second
  • ISO-200

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