Day 21: The Village

The Village

To speak truth is one of my principles, so I should accept that I didn’t do much while taking this photo.

That means, before three years ago when I took this photo, I was not much knowledgable photographer. I had my brother’s digital camera . I even don’t remember whether I took horizontal or vertical image but from the image size, this photo looks like I cropped it that time.

I love this photo, I wish I can go back to that place again and take the some awesome images in nice quality so that I can at least enlarge them when I need to. The people, flow of road path, composition including nice depth …I like all those things.

Let me know your opinion about it. 🙂

by way this photo was taken at Dediapala [link]. Very nice place for nature photography. (In Narmada district, Gujarat, India.)


29 thoughts on “Day 21: The Village

  1. I really like the picture! It has so much character. Makes me want to pack up and go there. Maybe someday. I look forward to looking through more of you blog.

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