Day 22: Present and Future

Present and Future

One of my lucky to get photos.

I took this on the same day when I took one of my best photos “Dancing Goddesses[link]“. As I mentioned on that photo, I was attending annual Indian festival @Performing Arts center of University of Florida. During break time, I wanted to come out to feel nice chilling air of winter.

As soon I came out, I saw this father was talking with his son while showing him the fountain near the art center. I saw this moment and captured it. Thank god I was having 55-250 attached on my camera. I just took the photo and didn’t care about getting better composition or try different settings, because I was afraid of losing the moment.

I came home, I saw the RAW picture. I cropped the photo, increased color intensity and adjusted some basic things in Photoshop. That’s it. Nothing extreme edited.

I got wonderful comment from a professional photographer cum very good friend that “he believed that the photo is merging of different photos and couldn’t think at first as a single capture”.

I hope you will like it too. 🙂


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