Day 23: Pink LOVE

Pink love

In february, one day I felt like I haven’t gone for a photo walk since long time and I should have some fresh click now. I packed my stuf & drove to downtown at night time to get more experience with night/low light photography.

It was around 11 PM, while driving I saw very nice empty chairs and lightings in outside area of Matt’s Casbah. The guy was cleaning as they were already closed for the night. I parked the car and asked him if I can take some photographs of those chair and stuff and promised him about not to disturb anything. He asked his boss and they allowed to take some shots. It’s not the end, they were so so nice, they allowed me to go inside of the whole resraurant and take photographs. I must say, it’s an amazing place. Superbly design from inside and lovely ambience.

I spend very good time and took some nice photographs untill they switched off every light of the restaurant. LoL

This photo is one of them. I cropped it from little larger frame, adjusted basic color and sharpness. Rose is something, you don’t want to play with its beauty. More real it is, more beautiful is it.


  • f/9
  • 3.2 seconds
  • ISO 100
  • Focal Length 55mm
  • Used tripod

9 thoughts on “Day 23: Pink LOVE

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