Day 32: The Rainy Leaves

The Rainy Leaves

Took at college long back 8 months ago.

I remember the scene. During the early months after I bought my camera, I was used to keep my camera bag every single place I go. LoL. It’s funny but I love it. During rainy reason in August, I was going to copy-center at my college and while parking my car, I left my camera bag in the car thinking that it’s just 5 mins. of work and I’m being too crazy taking bag with me there too.

Believe me, when I went to copy-center, because the rain just stopped, the flowers and leaves near the copy-center door were looking awesome having drops on them. I was like ‘Damn..I should have brought camera”. I ran back to my car and brought the camera back. I tried to find a good drop pattern on both leaves and flowers. I found this one and took it before the drops drop. I took some other images too but they were not really good.

I used photoshop clone stamp tool to correct the background little bit. Used leveling, selective sharpning and changed curves to get better output.

I hope you will like the photo. 🙂 Leave your comments.



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