Day 33: The Village Kid

The Village Kid

Another lucky to get picture. Seriously I was at all into technical photography when I took this photo. Even I don’t remember, in which camera I took this picture. but I remember I took it when I went to my close friend’s home and it was at Koliyak village in Bhavnagar, India.

I’m definitely going there back to take photographs of people and awesome hut/houses when I go to India next time.

you can clearly see the quality is not so good because I must have taken with some digital camera and also there was much noise in the photo, so I had to remove noise in lightroom and thus compromised with sharpeness of photo. Still it looks good.

I really like the expression of the kid in the photograph. It’s so innocent and he really seems waiting for someone or looking at someone with excitement. Even the texture of door and frame is so nice.

I’m not giving EXIF because there is no need.

I hope you will like the phot 🙂


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