Day 35: A fly may conquer a lion

The fly

LoL. I tried to find a qoute on fly to put as title on this post; And it was surprising to found many qoutes on fly.

Again a photo taken before few months. While going to and coming back college, I was noticing small insects at many places. So one day I thought about going near the small lake area in college to find a nice insect and take a good shot using my 55-250 lens. Unfortunately, the sun was near to say goodbye, so I had to take a photo before sunlight goes dim.

I was really afraid of getting bitten by insects, so I was not going too close to trees. Even lots of lizards are there on the grass everywhere in florida, I was afraid of them too. But still, I got this 2-3 flies flying in the same area and I targeted them to take in photo. It really took a while to have a proper photo because they were constantly flying and were changing positions as soon as go little close to them.

Finally I got this one. I was lucky to get the fly on yellow leaf because that made the photo different than usual.

I cropped the best portion of the large photo to make a better composition. Saturate yellow,green & blue colors individually & sharpened the ‘fly’only.

I hope you will like it 🙂


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