Day 36: Squirrel – In the tiger pose

The Tiger Pose

Happy !! Happy !! Finally I took super “Squirrel” photos today 🙂 I wanted to take real nice photos of squirrel since the first day I came to my college. It has small but very lovely campus.

Again a lucky day. I was going to class, while walking inside building, I saw this squirrel sitting on a steel structure outside the building. Though I was close to her,she was not aware of that because she was outside and I was inside looking her through the glass wall.

I quitely put my bag down, took out camera, changed the lens and got ready. she was still there. Took 2-3 different poses and then through the glass I think she saw me and she ran away to other side. I changed my place too. Took another lovely photo there and then she finally ran away somewhere else.

I took all photos through glass, so thanks to my college cleaning people too for keeping the glasses so clean 🙂

You will see squirrel photos in the next 2-3 posts. I hope you will like all 🙂


  • f/5.6
  • 1/80 seconds
  • ISO 800
  • Focal length 250mm

4 thoughts on “Day 36: Squirrel – In the tiger pose

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