Day 44: Cute baby rooster

Max and Marie invited me today for dinner. Just came from their house. Wonderful evening. Awesome self-made pasta by Max. The more wonderful things inside their house were, this baby rooster, 3 chicks, a very cute female dog – ‘Nikita’ (I don’t know what type of dog she is).

Unfortunately there was not enough light inside their house to take a photo with nice lighting condition without using flash and I didn’t wanted to use flash.  Still I tried to take few photos, this is one of them. Second one, I will put tomorrow.

Photo was very dark, so I had to increase brightness level almost upto 40-50% and if I just do that then the noise could be increased a lot in the picture, so I had to adjust different things and also added vignette to give more importance to hand & the rooster.

Did all this in lightroom. Still the photo has some noticable amount of noise but overall it looks nice to me. (look at flickr link too, that definitely looks better than wordpress processed image)

I hope you will like it too 🙂

I’m definitely go to their house someday in morning/afternoon time to get some quality photos. I’m excited about it 🙂

Better quality Flickr link.


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