Day 45: Framed face

I’m thankful to Noopur for letting me do my first portrait/portfolio session with her. She is my collegemate. After trying different type of photography sincerely, I wanted to do a portfolio session. So before few months, I put an advertisement for free photo session on my college Facebook group with the link of my Facebook photography page, so that people can see my photography work.

She contacted me back and told me that she want to have her nice photos. 🙂 I immidietely planned an evening for photoshoot. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go outside, so we did the session inside her house. Had to compromise so much with low light but still we did good job.

That was the first time, I did some homework on people for photography. Before meeting her, I spend like an hour looking at her photographs on her Facebook profile and created some virtual poses based on what I was observing in her. So when I went there, I was like telling her to pose this and that, and she was like ‘You’re so prepared & feels like professional’. That was a nice appreciation for me. Gave me more confidence in what I was doing.

I had awesome time on this first session. Learned a lot. I was not very good in editing work that time (I’m still learning) but the photos I edited and gave her as final version, made her very happy. I think that’s what a professional photographer always want, that the client like the photos. Though I’m not professional but thinking like that gave me satisfaction.

This is one the those photos. I hope you will like it.

Editing: “processed RAW to get sepia like colors. Removed some black spots from her face using Photoshop clone stamping. Soften the photo (Usually I don’t soften the portrait but tried this time).

I hope you will like it. 🙂

You can definitely point out any mistake or give suggestion, anything. I’m a follower of ‘share & learn’, so I will be happy to get any feedback.

Better quality Flickr link


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