Day 46: First Flower Love

Sorry for late posting today, I was not feeling well. Feels good now 🙂

Again, a photo which I should have posted before. It got nice appreciation from my Facebook friends when I clicked it and posted it there. Even I like it a lot mainly because this photo was the inspiration/starting for my love towards floral photography. I got some real nice photos of flower/flora in my collection till now. I’m going to take more n more. If you haven’t looked at my photos in nature category, then click here.

Even that time, I was not an owner of any camera. I took this photo using micro setting of my friend’s Panasonic FZ35. Very nice digital camera overall. Panasonic is definitely a very top competitor of Canon/Nikon in point-n-shoot digital world.

I didn’t edit much, increased color saturation and adjusted contrast/highlight according to that. Also did little bit selective sharpening in the middle part of the flower.

I hope you will like this one 🙂

oh yeah, I forgot to tell, I took this one at Universal Studios, Orlando. Superb place. One should definitely visit once in life if get chance to come to USA. If you haven’t seen this place, you can see more pictures in my Facebook Album (They are  just usual photos, not photography related). I took more technical photos during my second trip to Universal.

Better quality Flickr link


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