Day 47: Depth of the leaf

Not really happy with wordpress image compression. It ruined the sharpness of this image. I’m putting the better quality link first this time.

Better quality Flickr link

Took this image at The Botanical garden at my college. Interesting place to take nature photographs. I realised when I went there. I should mentioned that I didn’t take this recently, but definitely going there again to take awesome photos.

Specially the place is more awesome around late afternoon time because you can get sun rays coming in the back side of leaves/flowers. That’s the reason of this picture too. I successfully got the details inside the leaf because I set the angle in which sun rays enlighten the leaf from back.

Even though it’s not a great quality photo, I like to add it in my collection because it’s unique in its own style. I might not consider it after I get another photo in same style.

Photo I took was not nice in contrast, so I increased contrast to much high level, I think I increased the green color balance also (I don’t remember though).  The bottom-right partmay look like blurred but it’s not. It looks because there is another green color leaf in the back side. Also cropped little bit because there was unneccesary empty space in the top area.

I hope you will like it 🙂

Comments/Critics ??


13 thoughts on “Day 47: Depth of the leaf

  1. The resulting lack of sharpness after WordPress compresses an image has bothered me too. I routinely put a caption under my photographs advising viewers to click for a larger and sharper image, which is possible with the WordPress theme I use. In your theme, clicking has the effect of moving to an adjacent post, but your inclusion of a link to another site serves the same purpose.

    Steve Schwartzman

    • Yeah. As they have tons of photo blogs on wordpress, they should put some money in making a better compression algorithm. I saw your theme, but when you provide larger images, you’re allowing people to easily download your photos. Even there are people in this big world, you may use your photos and don’t give you credits.

      When I upload my photos on Flickr, I make them almost 700 to 900 pixels on larger side, so that even one copy/download the photo, he/she won’t be able to print in a larger format.

      Also sir, you put your watermark on top side, which can easily be cropped.

      A superb photographer like you should take more care of things like this. (Just worried for you)

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m lucky to have people like you visited my photos. 🙂

      • Thanks for your concern. Like you, I usually keep my longest side at 800 pixels. Yes, piracy is a problem, but at that size the picture is of little use for printing, though thieves could still erase my name and use the image on the Internet. It’s a difficult situation. I’ve been to blogs where the photographs are kept so small that I can’t appreciate them, and I didn’t want my viewers to have that problem. I chose what I see as a middle path, but you’re right that some people may still steal my work.

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