Day 48: Live playing ‘lively’

Happy 🙂 Finally my challenge is started. People won’t see any old photos now (except few portraits which I haven’t posted).

Took this yesterday when I went to meet very good photographer friend ‘Doug‘. Very senior to me, very friendly to me. He has been a constant support to me since we met through my college’s photography club.

We usually meet at House Of Joe. It’s an awesome coffee shop for any art lover around Melbourne, Florida. Aspiring local Musicians/Writers come there, play their instruments in front of other art lover. Get appreciation, get inspired & lot more. Even coffee/snacks is nice there. I’m also planning to put my name there to play any Indian song on my guitar after I finish my final exams.

I was showing my new 50mm lens to Doug and we were taking some experiemental photos. Meanwhile, this guy started playing his own written songs with his guitar. I thought of taking his picture and went closer to take it.

Intentionally I focused the guitar head and my 50mm did a very nice job. I got the hand & guitar head exactly how I wanted. At that time, I told Doug that I got my photo of the day. 🙂

Editing: Intensify yellow/orange tone. I wanted to cover the top&bottom part with more blackness so that lighting look more strucutured towards the object but If I add the black level then overall image would change the tone. Even I didn’t want to do selective coloring, so I simply add vignetting using a lightroom preset in top left-right, bottom left-right area. Yeah, I also reduced the noise little bit. Everything worked for me.

I’m happy with this photo. I hope you will be too 🙂

Comments/suggestions ?

Better quality Flickr link


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