Day 50: Melbourne Causeway

Melbourne Causeway

Just 15 minutes left and I’m putting my photo of the day 🙂 Felt really like homework submission deadline. 😉

I had no photo to submit today, so I went to Melbourne causeway to take photo of the pattern made by bothside bridges. I saw similar photos online and I thought I should also try one. It’s interesting place. I took this one from top position parallel to bridge (to be different from others).

I was in hurry as I had to submit today, so I’m planning to go around sunrise time again. 🙂

Melbourne is really not a good city to get nice landscape/cityscape photos. I don’t like Melbourne much because of this. 😡

Editing: Removed a little portion of car running on the bridge using close stamp in Photoshop, Played with shadows/highlights to get better look. Color popped using lightroom preset and adjusted contrast according to that. I carefully took the photo using tripod, so didn’t crop anything.

Better quality Flickr link


3 thoughts on “Day 50: Melbourne Causeway

  1. Hmmmm will be waiting to see more of the revisit photo. Would like to see how the photo will look like if you take this same photo keeping yr cam close to water with same center angel if its possible…
    All the best 🙂

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