Day 51: Moss, River, Rock

Moss, River, Rock

Because WordPress ruined the quality, first take a look at Better Quality Flickr link.

Took this yesterday, as I mentioned in the last post that I went to Melbourne causeway. I parked my car little far from the causeway & it gave me opportunity to observe everything on my way walking to causeway.

I went to causeway first because that was my main subject for the photo walk, then while coming back, I started walking on footpath near to Indian River Lagoon end. I stopped near one place surrounded by trees, went little forward to see if there are any birds in the water and I saw this rock with flourescent green colored moss. Small waves were coming and going because of too windy weather. I got the idea of this shot in my mind.

As I had to take a slow shutter photo, I took out my tripod, set the camera & settings and tried to focus. It was not focussing nicely, so I manually focus the moss on the rock. My tripod was moving little bit because of the wind (so I put my camera bag on the hook of the tripod to make it more sustainable).

I wanted to take more flawless look of water but as I was decreasing shutter speed, photo was coming out over exposed because of direct sunlight on upper area. So I had to compromise with proper exposure and the water flaw according to that. I manually focus the moss & rock but flowing water on top ruined my try & also I wanted water on top of them little bit, so I didn’t regret too much for not getting crispy sharp focus.

Also I kept the blurry plants on left-right bottom area because they somehow gives support to overall frame. I don’t care if they’re blurry (no one is gonna move their eye towards them).

EDITING: I close stamped distracting little part of a plant from right side. I used “vintage pop” filter in lightroom. Then increased green saturation little bit on moss. That’s all.

I hope you will like it 🙂

Suggestions/Comments/Critics ??


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