Day 53: Flying Like A King

Flying Like A King

Take a look at: Better quality Flickr link.

Took this at Cocoa Beach,FL. If you live near cocoa, then you should visit cocoa beach. Even very nice place for photographers too. I went there first time when I took this photo. That time, I was not owning any camera, so I took my friend’s Canon 1000D (I was learning SLR that time). This was my first ever photograph of a flying bird.

My friend Doug was also there with me. Here is his Facebook album of same place (I’m not sure about it’s open for public or not).

I limited myself to just basic editing in lightroom (wanted to keep original feel of the photo). So I just adjusted temperature/vibrance/contrast/brightness. Didn’t crop also, because I didn’t wanted to make a tight frame.

That’s all about this one. I hope you will like it 🙂

Suggestions/comments ??


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