Day 58: Palm Frond Pattern

Palm Leaves Pattern

Better quality Flickr link (take a look)

Another in series from The Botanical garden photo walk. If you haven’t seen other picture yet. Take a look at Day 56th & Day 57th photos.

I tried to create nicely composed photos using leaves. I still 1-2 interesting ones which I’ll post in continuity.

I used tripod for all photos in this photo walk because it was windy weather and I wanted to manually focus for each photos (which I did). I really like manual focus. Many times it gave me better results then auto-focus. I know many DSLR users don’t use manual focusing, but I insist you to try and get your hands used to it if you’re not using it. (AND MAKE SURE TO TURN OFF IMAGE STABILIZATION WHILE USING TRIPOD)

I also tried to find the exact type of palm tree but couldn’t find it. Let me know if you know that.

Editing: I cropped to create exact composition which I wanted. Adjusted toning, vibrance, added just little green tinting & sharpening.

I hope you will like it 🙂


3 thoughts on “Day 58: Palm Frond Pattern

  1. Hi Jigar,
    I read your photo-blog almost everyday, and I appreciate the efforts you put in to update it regularly.

    This photo reminded me of one of my photos at South Beach, Miami in Dec. 2010.

    I clicked this using Canon SD780 (point and shoot) in automatic mode, from some distance. I loved the spike-shape of the leaves here, but I wish I could have captured the green in more vibrant color. No editing done.

  2. Hey Dhruv,

    Thanks a lot for following my photo blog everyday. I’m glad that my work keep people in touch with it.

    I saw your photo, you didn’t get the greenish look because there is no natural light on the leaves. I got sunlight in the backside of my photo that’s what made the color look bright. Even sunlight from front can give good result but without that, it’s difficult to get the bright color.

    Also, editing is not a bad thing until you keep it upto basic adjustment. And even for point and shoot users, final photo re-touching is like requirement to get what exactly you want. SLRs is different things as you can play with all the settings manually.

    Keep visiting & thank you sharing your photo.

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