Day 59: Palm Leaves Pattern

Palm Leaves Pattern - 2

Again, I missed a day  because of super hectic yesterday. We had graduation ceremony in college and I was busy photographing that, was working the rest of the day and then had to drop my friends to Orlando airport as they were going to India for summer.

This is the last one from the botanical garden Photowalk.

I really like different styled leaf patterns on palm trees. They look fascinating and as I mentioned many times, I like to capture patterns/symmetry in photographs, I took different pattern photographs. 🙂  They make interesting composition.

Though I took few more patterns of palm leaves, I will end up putting photos from this photo walk now. Have to go somewhere to take new photos.

Editing: Cropped to get how exactly I wanted, used ‘Old polar’ preset in lightroom and slightly changed the temperature & sharpness.

WordPress is really disappointing in processing images. Take a look at better quality Flickr version.

I hope you will like it 🙂

Keep visiting, suggesting and advising.


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