Day 62: The Chair Pattern

The Chair Pattern

LoL. I converted a happy day moment into B/W šŸ˜‰

Took this two days ago on Graduation Day. I hope you’ve seen the Day-60 photo. I was getting bored as I came earlier and function was yet to start after 15-20 minutes. First, I clicked few sample pictures of the stage and different location around it to set my lighting perfectly so that when my friends come walking and receiving degrees, I could get nice photos.

After setting my camera I still had time, so I went to the guy who was officially video-shooting the function. He was on first floor open area in the backside from where one can see entire hall. I talked about different video setting he was using and also saw awesome results of that video-camera. I liked the view from top and I clicked this empty chair pattern. As usual one of my favorite styles – patterns/symmetry in photograph.

I didn’t thought about converting in into B/W but after coming back home, the image didn’t look attractive so I was thinking about how to get better image out of it. While going through different presets in Lightroom when I clicked on B/W one, it gave me this idea. Yayyy šŸ™‚ Then I knew what I had to do. I created something like this in my mind and then adjusted brightness/contrast/highlights/shadows/levels to get this.

I think I did good job that day. As I mentioned earlier, people loved photos. Haven’t you seen those photos yet ? Take a look.

Better quality Flickr version


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