Day 63: Vindictive Look

Vindictive Look

Looks like she is having lot of hidden things going in her mind. Like revenge plan or something. I thought like that and gave the title. You may or may not think like that. Share your perspective towards this photo if you want.

Took this two months ago. On the same day when I took Day 9 and Day 42 photos. I wanted to put this photo that time only but I had to show her first and had to take permission to post publicly. She is a good friend cum photographer too. She focuses on interesting subjects in her photography. Take a look at her website or Facebook page if you want. We met today and took her permission to finally post it.

Though the proper focus is not her face, I really like this photo. It speaks. I like the overall feel, lighting, composition everything. Looks like it’s taken from a movie being shoot. It is not like I’m praising my own photo but I always look at photos from a user perspective. Even for my writing, I criticize and then make changes on my own writing first before putting it online.

I know since a week or so, I’m not being regular on putting photo a day but at least I’m managing to post two days together. I’m really busy in so many things. I’ll hopefully be able to be on track soon.

Editing: I used a fashion preset in lightroom (which gave me this dark & interesting look in photo) and then adjusted exposure/contrast/highlights.

I hope you will like this one. 🙂

Better quality Flickr link


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