Day 64: Toyota Camry 2012 Sports (Sky Reflection)

Toyota Camry 2012 Sports Edition

As I couldn’t put photo-a-day since 2 days and today is the 3rd day, I will put all of them today together.

Super clear sky reflection on my roommate’s brand new Toyota Camry 2012 Sports Edition 🙂

We Gujarati people (May be all Indians) do small Pūjā when they buy a new vehicle. They place idol of god (mostly Lord Ganesha) on front desk of the car and crack coconut by forcefully hitting it on floor in front of car and then drink the coconut water as Prasad’. This is very common among people. So yeah I was obviously taking photographs while all these process was going on by my roommate.

We also check best ‘Muhurta’ to do all the stuff, believing that whatever we do during that time will bring good future for that thing. So, in ‘car’ sense, car will work fine, no accidents will occur, god will save it from bad happening etc. etc.

We got out from house at around 11 in the morning. I saw this reflection and immediately took the advantage of the moment. 🙂 I took other pictures of whole process and some of car’s but this one was the only photograph qualified to be post here 😉

Editing: If you’re thinking that I used any HDR effect here then it’s not true. I didn’t. I corrected exposure first and then increased while lighting and black clipping very very much which gave almost like HDR look. Even in HDR effects, software does almost similar things. That’s all and yeah I made it square mainly because I wanted to cut out the distraction in the background. There were cars and other apartments in the background.

I hope you will like it 🙂

Better quality Flickr version


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