Day 65: Bird Panning

Bird Panning

First time bird panning 🙂 Got nicely focused and sharp. Still could have done better.

Went to downtown Melbourne two days ago for like 1 hour of photo walk. Took some architectural photos but was not satisfied enough and had to go back early. While walking back towards the dockside, near railway line two birds were flying and drinking water and then again flying in circle. They were like giving me poses, I tried so much but they were so fast and my 55-250 was attached so I couldn’t focus if they come much nearer.

I took plenty & didn’t look at photos after clicking, but I was sure I should have at least got one good shot and this photo is one of them. Panning came out really nice. I liked it.

Editing: Increased sharpness little bit using unsharp mask in Photoshop first, then adjusted contrast/vibrance/highlights in lightroom. Cropped to create better composition.

Better quality Flickr link

I hope you will like it 🙂


3 thoughts on “Day 65: Bird Panning

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