Day 66: The Unbroken Shadow

The Broken Shadow

I mentioned about my recent downtown visit in previous post.

Before I took that bird photo, me and my friend were taking photos of downtown architecture. That’s where we found this building. It was old,empty and broken with interesting structure outside. Nice texture, broken lamp post, window, door, spider webs everything. But mainly because it was around sunset time. 3/4th of the area was getting the sun and little bottom was not.

I loved the situation with lamp, shadow and sun light. Took it bigger with the intention to crop it later properly. I wanted to give a really interesting title which can represent a story but I couldn’t think about something creative, so currently set as ‘The Unbroken Shadow’. This is like a theme based photo.

The door on the right side is intentionally kept to give weight to overall frame. Just lamp and wall seems much empty.

I liked the photo. I hope you’ll like too 🙂

Better quality Flickr link


2 thoughts on “Day 66: The Unbroken Shadow

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