Day 68: Bird Flock at Viera Wetlands

Bird Flock at Viera Wetlands

Take a look at: Better quality Flickr link

Went to Viera Wetlands two days ago with friends Doug & Layla. I visited it for first time and I must say it is a very nice place for nature photography, especially if you have 300mm+ lens. You can still achieve things if you’ve 200mm+ lens. If you’re interested in nature photography and you live near Melbourne,Palm Bay,Viera, Rockledge, Cocoa then it’s a must visit nearby place.

We went for just one n half hour in the evening time. Not even close to sunset time. So bright sun was coming in front of my camera almost 3/4th of the time, so I couldn’t get amazing captures but still I got few very interesting while walking on other side. I’ll definitely go again around the sunrise time so that I can take photos while sun is behind me.

I loved the situation of this photo. Birds, symmetry, reflection, wooden pole, lighting everything is good. The sun was coming in front of the lens so in the first photo I took, birds came out almost black (it was so I went more on right side and sun light started coming on birds’ body. I couldn’t go further right because then I was losing the composition. Finally I took this picture which looks pretty good than the previous one.

Doug also took this type of photograph, haven’t seen his version yet.

Editing: I fixed my mind to convert this picture either to B/W or sepia after taking. May be I saw someone’s photo like this before and it attracted me or may be another reason, I don’t know why. First, I cropped it according to rule of thirds. Played with lightroom settings to get the yellow color feel I wanted. Did minor lighting correction on bird using Photoshop.

Few more photos will come soon. 🙂

I hope you will like it 🙂


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