Day 69: Having a rest @ Viera Wetlands

Having a rest

OK !! Again & as usual, WordPress ruined the sharpness – look at Better quality Flickr link.

If you haven’t read previous post story then read it, Day 68. Another photo from my Viera Wetlands photo walk. Yeah I broke rule of thirds.(before one start criticizing in their mind;) ) I like to see things in the center sometimes. Subject gets attention in different way.

I cropped from larger composition to make it center. I’ve another image cropped following rule of thirds. But I chose the center one. The blurry part of small plants in front is obvious because I was using 55-250 and I focused the big dried tree. Birds were resting there and  actually wanted a colorful photo and that’s why I took those plants in the front, but all the images didn’t look great in big screen.

So I converted it into black and white (with some yellowish tint) and tried to give the white lighting look on big tree similar to this photo of mine. I didn’t want to ruin the originality of the look, so took care while changing white-&-black leveling. It gives a very interesting look to overall photo.

I even removed the noise very much but couldn’t get rid of it completely. More noise removal = more smooth edges and I didn’t want that.

Editing: Used lightroom for most of the editing part I described above.

I really liked it, I hope you will like it too 🙂

Comments/suggestions ?


2 thoughts on “Day 69: Having a rest @ Viera Wetlands

  1. Yep, sometimes taking subject in the center of the frame makes it look good…
    Even though you have removed the noise …its still visible.. but giving some texture to it…

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