Day 70: First Bikini Photoshoot – 1

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Sorry for not posting yesterday.

Doing something for first time. Putting photo of yesterday, photo of today and photos of next three days in advance only because I want to show all this photos on same day.

HAPPYYYYYYYYYYY !! 🙂 Got lucky to shoot first ever bikini photo-shoot and that even very suddenly.

As I mentioned in day 65 and day 66th post, I went to shoot downtown Melbourne. While coming back I saw a boy taking photos of a girl wearing bikini. I also became excited to take photos of that girl (something I never tried, interesting to capture and difficult to get feel in the photograph). But I was like ‘how to approach them’, ‘they may be doing some advertisement’ and blah blah thought in my mind. So I moved different side and started shooting birds & got day 65th photo.

When I came to parking lot to go back home, they were shooting around some grass and dock area. I couldn’t stop myself (LOL), so went there and asked whether ‘they’re doing some personal stuff or not’. That girl (Kelli Kenyon) told me that they’re just learning and doing her portfolio. They both are active art degree students of some school. They were having 18-55 in their hand, so I asked them whether they only have that lens to shoot portrait and they replied ‘yes’. So I suggested that they should use a prime lens to get awesome portraits and I offered them mine if they want to use. They got excited. Even I asked that if you don’t have any problem, ‘Can I also take pictures?’ and she replied ‘Yes why not!!’ 🙂

I got excited. I attached my 50mm prime and we again went to that grass area. I explained her the poses and her expressions in them.All photos and expressions came out as per my instructions. I’m not a great fashion photographer but instantly all those things came into my mind and I took shoots like that.

We did all these in just 10-15 minutes. She loved photos on camera and I told her I will make them little better after post processing. I gave them my e-mail address to contact me for photos and also told her that I’m gonna publish photos on my blog/FB/Flickr.

That’s it. All sudden !! Got a nice experience. I’m not much experienced in this type of photos but learning makes man perfect !! 🙂

I hope you will like it. 🙂


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