Day 74: Key West, Sunset Sail

Keywest, Sunset & The Boat

Take a look @ Better quality Flickr link

Sorry for no updates !!

I’m sick since 4 days and still not well (Doctor said my lymph nodes are swollen/enlarged..It will take at least 7-10 days to get complete recovery) but I had to post something today to be on track with my challenge.

I can’t go outside to take new pictures in this condition. So I’ve to post some from my older stock. This one I took when we went to Miami/Keywest trip. We took a small cruise ride of around 2 hours to see coral reef. The boat was specially made for coral reef show, which had glass structure in the center-bottom area so people could see everything underwater clearly.

While coming back to port, it was sunset timing and I could see lots of differently structured sailing boats in the sea. Some were very far and some were coming near. I really wanted to take amazing silhouette photographs of boats but unfortunately it was the time before I bought my DSLR. I had my friend’s Panasoniz FZ35 at that time. Lights were too low, my boat was running at super speed. I didn’t had any place to put my camera, set the slow shutter and take a sharp photo. So I had to compromise taking it handheld.

I took it at 1/40 seconds handheld with ISO 400, still I got very noisy picture (may be because of point and shoot quality). I got the yellow feel of sunset and got ‘not perfect’ silhouette.

In editing part, I tried to get rid of noise while keeping sharpness up to certain level. I played in photoshop to get this purple feel (it was grayish in the original photo) & also tried to get better silhouette feel while increasing black clipping slowly. Increased the vibrance and again did some smart sharpening in photoshop at the end.

I hope you will like it. 🙂


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