Day 75: Mustard’s Last Stand

mustard's last stand

Better quality Flickr link.

Finally I feel like completely recovered from 10 day long sickness. Thank you everyone who wished for my wellness.

I still didn’t get chance to go out and do some shoots because I’m afraid of everyday rain in Melbourne. Don’t wanna risk my health at least till this week.

Today I’m posting one of my favorite night shoot. Very clean and sharp. It’s a popular restaurant located in Downtown Melbourne. It’s called Mustard’s Last Stand. I took this on same day I took Day 23rd and Day 29th.

The restaurant was closed so I could able to take a very silent and clean photo. They’ve this very unique hoarding with ‘different number plates’ which you can see.

Those who’re from Melbourne/Palm Bay may know this place and will definitely like this photo. 🙂

I also sent this one to owner of this restaurant via their Facebook Page. They liked it too.


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