Day 76: The Sadness

The Sadness

Better quality Flickr link

Marlo loved this photo !! That’s what made me happy 🙂

I took this on the same day I took Day-63rd photo. But in contrast to that one, this one was taken intentionally.

Sunrays were falling only on half part of her hair so it was giving shiny yellowish half-hair look. We were drinking coffee, I saw this and told her to give a pose ‘looking at floor without smile’. I set my camera color to monochrome at the time of taking photo only. I thought it will give a unique look (because it would convert the yellowish into whitish) and it gave 🙂

I was gonna post the full frame photo but then I thought about cropping it to much close-up. Tried different composition and this one I liked very much. Better than full-frame because it gives more importance to subject. The emotion, expression, EYE and of course I covered the yellow-part which became ‘whitish hair’ in monochrome.

Editing: Changed tone to convert from b/w to coffee color, adjusted lighting and cropped.


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