Day 77: Desiccating Beauty

Desiccating Beauty

Sharp and better quality Flickr link

Yeah I still can’t get enough time to go out and shoot. Moving to New Jersey after 2 days for 2 months, so tons of things to pack and clean. Selling some stuff too. That too I have to do all alone as my roommates already moved out. 😦

Thank god I have some shoots which are good enough to post here !! I hope you remember my ‘botanical garden’ photowalk. If you don’t then look at Day 58 & Day 59 photos. I took this one on same day.

On the first look that day, this photo didn’t impress me but yesterday I was going through photos to find something to post here. I looked at this again and I marked the colors and also that ‘arid’ look of the leaf.

I just played with white & black clipping, contrast and temperature & got this look. Lovely colors and nice impact of ‘desiccating look’ of main subject leaf.

Colors came out really nice only because sunlight in the background. I should do a whole with photos having sunlight in the background. It will be unique experience.

I hope you will like the photo 🙂


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