Day 78: Deep Blue & Sandals

Deep Blue & Sandals

Same as always… WordPress ruined the quality. Take a look at – Better quality Flickr link

Got back to back 2 days of portrait shooting. A college friend Anjhana sent me a message on FB few days ago, she liked my previous portrait works and she wanted to have a photo-shoot of her. Unfortunately I was not well in those days so I told her that I’ll try my best to get her photos done before I go to New Jersey. (Bway, I’m going today :-))

I got time yesterday evening. It was almost near to dark , still I told her to get ready and try to get few shoots in remaining light. Kudos to my 50mm prime !! Because of upto f1.8, I got amazing light even though it was less natural light situation.

We did like 5-7 different shoots. In one of those, the pose was like she is walking barefoot with her sandals in hand. That was the whole photo frame. I cropped it and made 4 different compositions out of it and this is one of those compositions.

I liked the deep blueness of the picture. It gives unique and very fantasize look to me.

Editing: just the cropping as I described and played with toning,temperature and basic adjustments to get the proper color.

I hope you will like it. 🙂

Wait for more awesome pictures of my new model 😉


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