Day 79: The Sunflower

The Sunflower

Please take a look at really better quality – Flickr link

First ever photo taken in New Jersey with my DSLR. So this one becomes special in that way.

I came yesterday evening, so today was the day when I could go outside to take photographs in NJ, but unfortunately it was very windy atmosphere and rain precipitation was also high, and I didn’t want to take any risk of going to any far place. Even the roads are not familiar to me as of now.

But I couldn’t stop myself so I came outside the house with my kit, started walking on the street on which my house is located. I found the houses here very interesting as they have very nice architecture, colors and design. I took this photo outside one of those houses.

Wind couldn’t affect me taking flower because there was nice natural light so I could put my shutter at faster speed and got nice exposure.

Editing: Usually I don’t do selective editing much but I kinda felt to try something on this one. First of all, I cropped to make it square. I like flowers in odd shapes. Either square or too vertical or too horizontal. I changed temperature and tint little bit but was not satisfied. So I opened the photo in Photoshop and selected the area except the flower part. I dulled the background using curves and then adjusted brightness/contrasted. Lastly added some sharpness on flower.

I hope you’ll like this one 🙂

Comments/Suggestions are always welcome !!


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