Day 80: The Colorless Beauty

The Colorless Beauty

I’m waiting to get some comments from people for this photo !!! “excited” 🙂

First of all : Look at sharper better quality – Flickr link

Another one from the same location as previous photo – took this outside neighbor’s house. It was funny. When I went there, there were some nice flowers and few roses. The way they had arrange it in the garden, I really couldn’t figured out that it’s fake (only roses were fake bway). After I took the photo and zoomed in, it looked like fake but I thought I’m mistaking something. After looking on laptop screen, I laughed. It was really fake. Why the hell people arrange fake roses in their garden ? LoL

So I decided I didn’t want to keep the real look of pink color. I wanted to show the texture of plastic in a different way. I tried different presets in lightroom but nothing looked interesting so I thought of creating a monochrome of it. I tried sepia but was not great, so made it gray scale. Tried adjusting light differently just on one side using graduated filter of Lightroom.

I’m still a learner. Share your suggestions or advises freely.

I hope you will like it 🙂


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