Day 81: Enter at Your Own Risk

Enter at Your Own Risk

I added noise intentionally – but it looks bad here…see better quality Flickr link.

Another in series from home street photo walk. I hope you have seen previous two posts. Day 79 & Day 80.

It was a empty house with nice lonely look and feel. I got this front look and also on the side, I got the vintage garage photo with wall plants grown around it. At the time of clicking only, I thought about making it a black and white one because it got some elements in it which would fit into darkness feeling.

After converting into B/W, I opened it in Photoshop and increased little bit of sharpness first then graduated noise (around 18%). I got something I wanted. A horror like look. That’s why I gave title as ‘Enter at Your Own Risk’. I adjusted contrast,shadows and b&w clipping to create the final output.

This is the first ever photo in which I intentionally added noise. I gives me satisfied look and doesn’t look over processed too. I’m not sure about you. I hope you will like it 🙂

Suggestions/Comments ?


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