Day 82: Don’t Angry Me

Don't Angry Me

I hope you find it ‘Scary’.

Finally I’m almost done with post processing of all the photos taken during photo-shot of three girls. Amazing experience. Different dressing, expression, styles and faces. Got some wonderful clicks. I won’t post all of them here but definitely share the best ones.

This one was least expected among them because we click this inside my house as rain started outside. Very low lights and even she was not being able to give the exact expression I wanted for that particular pose. Finally we shot myself in photo and we got it nice. So this photo was not even in my thoughts for post processing.

But today while I was going through all one by one, I came to this one and I remembered that last night I posted that house photo which had ‘horror’ theme. And in this one just her face had little better light, so I thought to crop it in a way so that I can get something ‘horror’ expression in over all. I crop this way. Still it was not great & also because of low light it was noisy.

I used some weird lightroom presets and got basic idea about it. Initially used a preset (names ‘rust 2’). Then I changed HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminosity) into ONLY GREEN and that surprisingly gave me different yellowish color in the eye. I opened the edited photo in photoshop and selectively changed that yellow eye color into reddish one. Then again in lightroom, played with temperature/exposure/graduated filters to get the final output.

This was again my unique try for first time. I’m not sure how much it will get appreciated but I liked it. I looks scary and satisfies the purpose of the photo.

Definitely better quality Flickr link

I hope you will like it 🙂


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