Day 83: The Secret Behind The Burqa

The Truth Behind The Burqa

As I mentioned in last post: day 82 , I’m going to put few photos from the photo-shot I did of 3 girls’. So today is the first one.

Of course I started yesterday with that scary picture but I count that in horror theme, not in photo-shot photos.

This was a sudden photo. Actually I wanted to click a photo in 60’s style pose with the girl in scarf and big sunglasses. So I told ‘Anjhana’ (one of the girls) to get ready with the things. We went near swimming pool area because of nice natural sunlight and green surrounding of trees. We took 2-3 nice poses in that style and then I was shooting a funny photo with ‘Bhagyashree’ (Anjhana’s sister) using scarf and suddenly after that a pose like an ‘afghan’ girl came into my mind and I told her to cover herself with that scarf. We did two shots, one with whole face covered except eyes and another is this one.

Have you seen that award winning national geographic ‘afghan girl’ photo ? Take a look here

I will put the another one tomorrow. It’s also interesting. I did this one in b/w and that one in kinda sepia tone to get two different feel from similar type of images.

Editing: I wanted to do a monochrome only. So after converting it into black and white, I played with tone curving first, then did basic adjustments like clippings/brightness/contrast & finally some noise removing. Everything in lightroom. I got really nice feel at the end and kept it as my final version.

Take a look at better quality Flickr link.

I hope you will like it 🙂


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