Day 84: The Secret Behind The Burqa – 2

The Secret Behind The Burqa -2

I mentioned in previous post: Day 83, this one is the second among ‘burqa’ shots. Actually somehow I loved this one more than previous one. Her eyes speak more in this one and burqa is fully covering the face except eyes (that can also be a reason to like it more).

I’m happy because the previous photo was set as favorite on Flickr by one of the my Flickr friends. 🙂 I hope he will like this one too. He (kunjan detroja) is also a nice photographer, that’s why it matters when someone already good in the field like your work. He may not read my everyday posts but still I like to mention the stories attached with my photos.

Editing: I again used the lightroom preset “rust 2” which I also used in the horror pic of day 82. They won’t look same because I changed temperature in that photo but kept same in this one. I took sometime cropping this photo perfectly. Composition was not fitting well on my mind but after tying like 5-10 times, I got something right. Cropping can really change the perspective and importance of photo. It is essential sometimes.

So yeah I’m eager to know the response of people for this one too. I hope you will like it 🙂

Definitely better quality Flickr link


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