Day 85: A Quiet Passage

A Quiet Passage

Got no time to go out and shoot. Uploading something from my stock.

During my recent trip to India. I was engaged in an Wikimedia Commons project and went to take photographs of my city among so many other city photographers. Do you remember story from my Day:2 photo ? The same day I took this one.

We went to L.D. Engineering College as our last destination. I was roaming around the campus to get something unique in my camera. I really didn’t get anything interesting in that time period except this one. As it was Sunday or any holiday, teaching was closed so I could get this classroom building empty. The sunlight was coming pattern from those gaps between pillars.

The photo I got was having less light in the area where there was no direct sunlight coming. And because of that only, I could increasing the black level of the photo to much higher level and got this blackness around that sun-lighted area. It gave me an interesting perspective and different look and that’s why posting this tonight.

Apart from increasing black level, I adjusted brightness/contrast and other basic setting accordingly. Even removed noise little bit. Selectively removed a little distracting part from left-side.

I hope you will like it 🙂

comments/suggestions ?

Definitely better quality Flickr version


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