Day 86: New York Skyline (View from Liberty State Park)

Newyork Skyline

Finally…. Went to Liberty State Park, Jersey City for first time. Awesome place to visit. Saw New York skyline and Statue of Liberty. Everything was exciting as it was my first time to see all these.

I missed to post yesterday 😦 Was not having enough time. My missed count became 5 or 6 now. I have to cover them but I’m thinking to cover later when I really get two awesome photos together on same day.

So this is the one I took first to cover whole skyline but unfortunately missed few part. Needed more space to cover everything or may be 12mm lens 😉 I wasn’t greatly satisfied with this because I had to take this standing behind a fence with plants. That was the only area from where I was able to get this angle. All the buildings set on the horizontal line being created by bridge surface. I took the picture with those plants and then had to crop it to get rid of them atleast upto some extent.

Editing: I played with temperature/tint. I had an image in my mind but I couldn’t somehow get the same feel, that’s why I was changing temp/tint. I liked this yellowish sky look than whitish, so I kept it. I used graduated filter tool to decrease exposure of upper part of the picture. Played more with basic adjustments and finally ended with this. Still not satisfied as I couldn’t match the image on my mind with image I have. But still it looks good overall.

I hope you will like it 🙂

Better quality Flickr link

Actually I posted something yesterday but not here because of limited availability to post something on WordPress hosted blog. For first time, I tried to create stitched panoramic image using my DSLR. I took 26 photos to cover 360 degree area around me. Came home, stitched them and uploaded my result on Microsoft Photosynth software. It looked amazing but still I observed lots of mistakes (which I won’t repeat next time).

Take a look at that panoramic image here:


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